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Antique Chinese porcelain items for sale

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A small Chinese blanc de Chine wine cup from Dehua kilns, Kangxi

A good Chinese export famille rose plate, Qianlong

A Chinese late Ming Japanese market ko-sometsuke dish, Tianqi

Attractive Chinese moulded plate, Kangxi

A Chinese late Ming Kraak ‘crow cup’

Fine European-decorated Chinese export porcelain bowl & cover Qianlong

Chinese Kraak ware klapmuts bowl, Wanli

Good Chinese famille verte plate, Kangxi

A Chinese late Ming shallow ko-sometsuke bowl for the Japanese market Tianqi

Chinese export tea canister, Yongzheng

A small Chinese Kraak dish, Wanli

Two miniature Chinese ‘doll’s house’ vases, Kangxi

Chinese underglaze copper red vase with Dutch kakiemon-style decoration, Kangxi

A Chinese mid Ming dish, Hongzhi period

Chinese blanc de Chine double-walled cup with openwork decoration c1640

Chinese export plate, late Kangxi or Yongzheng

Chinese ruby ground saucer with famille rose panels, Yongzheng

Chinese blanc de Chine peony-moulded cup, Shunzhi

A Chinese export plate with later English decoration, Qianlong, ex Watney collection

A Chinese late Ming dish celebrating Spring, Tianqi

Good quality Chinese saucer with spiral moulded rim, Kangxi

Chinese late Ming dish for the japanese market, Tianqi or Chongzhen

Chinese Transitional period bowl with calligraphic precious object decoration

Chinese late Ming lotus design saucer dish, Tianqi

A fine Chinese export famille rose teapot stand, Qianlong

Chinese famille verte saucer with attractive hare mark, Kangxi

Small Chinese phoenix dish or tray, Kangxi

Two good quality Chinese saucers, Kangxi

Chinese export Imari mustard pot and cover, Kangxi

Chinese export grisaille decorated teapot in Meissen style, Qianlong

Chinese Vung Tau cargo blanc de Chine wine cup, Kangxi c1690-1700

A Chinese shipwreck box and cover, Kangxi

Chinese susancai biscuit decorated group of HeHe Erxian, Kangxi

A Chinese export soft paste chocolate cup and trembleuse saucer, Qianlong

Chinese export charger with floral band decoration, Yongzheng

Chinese teabowl with Dutch fine-line decoration

Chinese export famille verte saucer, Kangxi

Chinese late Ming dish, Tianqi

Small Chinese Transitional period wucai vase, Shunzhi

Chinese Ca Mau wreck teabowl & saucer c1725

Small Chinese transitional dish, Shunzhi or Kangxi

Chinese Yixing pear-shaped teapot, C18th/C19th

Chinese late Ming moulded saucer dish, Wanli

Chinese export European-subject grisaille coffee cup, Qianlong

Chinese soft paste porcelain vase, Qianlong

Chinese teapot with London decoration in Limehouse style, Qianlong

English tin-glazed earthenware plate c1760

Chinese export famille rose tankard, Qianlong

Chinese export grisaille Valentine pattern coffee cup & saucer Qianlong

Small Chinese dish, mid Ming c1500 ex Gerald Davison

Chinese export famille rose saucer, Yongzheng

Chinese export Dutch-decorated bowl, Yongzheng

Good Chinese export sander, Kangxi

Pair of Chinese export famille rose jars and covers, Qianlong

Chinese export soft paste saucer with mythological scene, Qianlong

Good Chinese Ming Zhangzhou Swatow box and cover

A Chinese teabowl and saucer with fine overglaze blue enamel decoration, Qianlong

Unusual Chinese export teabowl & saucer with Meissen mark, Qianlong

Chinese export famille rose teabowl c1740

Chinese cream jug with European ‘Stag Hunt’ decoration, Qianlong

Vietnamese Hoi An hoard bowl, c1480

Chinese export London-decorated teabowl Qianlong

Good Chinese ovoid jar with floral decoration, Kangxi

Fine Chinese export teabowl & saucer, early Qianlong

Chinese Transitional polychrome famille verte plaque, Shunzhi

Chinese blanc de Chine beaker, Shunzhi to Kangxi

Large Chinese export Imari mug c1725

Chinese plate with 8 horses of Mu Wang, Kangxi

Drove House Antiques, specialising in antique Chinese porcelain, ceramics and works of art.  We sell items from the Ming and Qing dynasties including Wanli, Tianqi, Chongzhen, Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong periods. Antique items include Kangxi porcelain with underglaze blue decoration, Kraak wares, blanc de Chine, famille verte and famille rose wares.  We also sell a selection of European-decorated Chinese porcelain (Amsterdams Bont or Clobbered wares).

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