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2 miniature Chinese vases Kangxi

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Two miniature Chinese 'doll's house' vases, Kangxi or Yongzheng

Two miniature Chinese 'doll's house' vases, Kangxi or Yongzheng




Two miniature Chinese vases, one underglaze blue and of baluster shape, the other Chinese Imari palette of underglaze blue and iron red and of double gourd shape, and both dating from the Kangxi or Yongzheng period. The baluster vase if 6cm (2.4”) tall, and the Imari double gourd vase is 6.6cm (2.6”) tall

These miniature vases are sometimes called ‘doll’s house’ vases because of their small size. It is indeed possible that such miniature vases might have furnished a doll’s house, but it is equally likely that these were formed into displays of small items Chinese porcelain in the ‘Porcelain Rooms’ which were in vogue in the years around 1700.

Dating: Kangxi or Yongzheng c 1700-1725


Both vases are in excellent, undamaged condition with no chips, cracks or restoration.  There is a small amount of glaze fritting on the rim of the Imari vase.  The Imari vase has been potted slightly off-true, and has a slight lean to one side.

Price: £125

Our reference: IRR_BMER_dollshouse Please use this reference when contacting us about this item

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