European-decorated Chinese porcelain
Drove House Antiques, Ian and Brigid Rodgers

This is a selection of Chinese porcelain which has been over-decorated on arrival in Europe during the Eighteenth Century. These European-decorated wares (once known rather disparagingly as ‘clobbered’ wares), and as ‘Amsterdams Bont’ in the Netherlands, are a fascinating area of Chinese export porcelain collecting.  Above all, they are a record of the way that changing tastes for Chinese ceramic decoration were catered for in Europe, and represent a form of folk art

Most European-decorated wares were imported either as an undecorated original or, more usually, as an item decorated in underglaze blue and white. In order to increase the desirability of the wares, they then had enamelled decoration added to convert them to ‘Imari’, ‘famille verte’ or ‘famille rose’ style - whatever was commercial at the time.

The porcelain for the items we sell is almost always from the Eighteenth Century (Kangxi to Qianlong), and occasionally earlier. The decoration was usually added not long after the porcelain was imported. We have given our best view of the dating of the over-decoration and the country where the enamelling was done, but there remains much to discover about these wares.

We have been collecting these wares for some years, and are now pleased to offer a selection for sale, many from our personal collection.

Chinese underglaze copper red vase with Dutch Kakiemon-style decoration, Kangxi

Chinese teabowl and saucer with English decoration, probably James Giles, ex Helen Espir collection, Yongzheng or Qianlong

A good Chinese export tankard with Dutch (Amsterdams Bont) decoration, Kangxi

A Dutch-decorated Amsterdams Bont Chinese bowl, Kangxi

Chinese export plate with carved and famille rose decoration, and later English decoration

Chinese Kangxi period bowl with English or Dutch decoration

A European decorated teabowl and saucer with ‘sentry’ figures, Yongzheng or early Qianlong

A good Dutch decorated Chinese teabowl and saucer with celadon glaze, Kangxi

Chinese export coffee can with Dutch decoration, Qianlong

Fine European-decorated Chinese export porcelain bowl & cover Qianlong

Dutch decorated Amsterdams Bont bowl with flower baskets Qianlong

Good Dutch decorated Amsterdams Bont Kangxi bowl

London decorated Kangxi deep bowl with figures

Limehouse stye London decorated Chinese teapot & cover c1750

Chinese export saucer with Dutch decoration

Dutch decorated ‘clobbered’ bowl Qianlong

Chinese export plate with Dutch decoration in Kakiemon style

London decorated Kangxi bowl with dragons

Dutch decorated Amsterdams Bont ‘Cherry Pickers’ bowl Yongzheng

Small London-decorated Chinese export coffee can Qianlong, ex Watney collection

Attractive Dutch decorated Amsterdams Bont Kangxi bowl

Fine London decorated teabowl Qianlong

London decorated Kangxi bowl with ‘sentry’ figures

Dutch-decorated Chinese export sparrow beak cream jug, Yongzheng

London decorated Kangxi bowl with fish

Attractive European-decorated Chinese export chocolate cup, Yongzheng or early Qianlong

Chinese export cream jug with English ‘Stag Hunt’ decoration, Qianlong

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